Vitamin Serum with Lifting effect series «Seaweed»

Factors causing dehydration of the skin may occur continuously, regardless of age or seasons. Special treatments, serums, are more effective compared to creams, as they have a higher concentration of active ingredients. They will help to quickly normalize synthesis of hyaluronic acid, which is able to accumulate and retain water molecules, thereby keeping the skin natural moisture (one molecule of hyaluronic acid can bind up to one hundred water molecules).

Vitamin serum provides intense hydration needed to improve skin elasticity and smooth out wrinkles. Algae extract in combination with other plant extracts promotes long-lasting hydration and instant lifting effect. Vitamins energy will fill the skin with vitality so that it will get a beautiful and healthy look.

Delicate serum emulsion consistency has a high compatibility with the skin cells, thereby allowing deep penetration of active ingredients and lasting lifting effect. 

All components are completely safe and have the appropriate certificates, including ECOCERT and Organic.

355.00 UAH
30 ml / 36 г

Argan oil is a unique natural remedy for a mature, as well as for young skin. Effectively combats acne and minimize its effects. It improves skin texture, making it smoother. It tightens the skin, smooths wrinkles, delays skin aging and rejuvenates it. It protects against UV rays and photo-aging.

Bilberry extract gives the skin protection against the effects of air pollution. Increases blood circulation, eliminate dark circles under the eyes, relieves acne and irritation, and gives the skin a beautiful color.

The extract of wild rose — the oldest remedy for rejuvenation and nourishing the skin. It lightens the skin tone, making it fresh and clean. It normalizes the metabolism and has a strengthening and toning effect, helps to regenerate skin cells.

The White Mandarin vitamin serum includes no mineral oil and its derivatives. These substances inhibit the growth and development of cells, leading to dehydration and early aging of the skin.

Serum contains no moisturizers from petrochemicals and silicones, which are one of the main irritants of the skin, even in low concentrations. In contrast to the natural ingredients, they disturb the natural metabolism and lipid balance of the skin.

Instead of these components we use natural oils and moisturizers: Argan oil, lime seed oil, Konjac Mannan, chitosan, seaweed extract. They provide instant and long-lasting hydration, promote skin elasticity.

Plants for extracts are grown in accordance with organic farming (without chemical fertilizers and pesticides; "Organic" certified) or in the wild in ecologically clean regions.

The White Mandarin vitamin serum with lifting effect has no artificial coloring and flavoring agents that can cause allergies.

Instead, we use flavors composition natural essential oils of mate, osmanthus, and davana, which are full of useful substances required for effective nutrition, hydration, and skin rejuvenation.

We use food preservative Optiphen BD (benzyl alcohol based), ECOCERT certified and permitted in the production of organic cosmetics.

Using your fingertips apply 1-2 drops of serum to cleansed face (avoiding the eye area), neck and chest, and gently spread with the massaging motions. Use serum in the morning and in the evening before applying the cream.

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