Shampoo series «Egg»

Intensive moisturizing for dry and damaged hair

Dry scalp and split ends of the hair require particularly careful treatment. Damaged hair is porous, so it rapidly loses moisture. This is especially true for dyed and/or undergoing frequent heat styling hair.

New shampoo “Egg” was developed precisely to provide intensive moisturizing for the scalp and hair, thus it promotes healing and restoration of hair from root to tip. The constant use of shampoo helps restore well-groomed hair look and its healthy shine.

Egg oil, which is a part of this shampoo, provides long-lasting softening, moisturizing and regenerating effect. It contains a large number of necessary for the hair nutrients, which are in the easily available for the hair and skin of the scalp form, helping extend the life cycle of the hair and restore its structure to the entire length.

Our detergent shampoo base is a mild surfactant derived from natural oils, sugar, and corn. These ingredients gently cleanse the hair without causing irritation and dryness of the skin.

All components of the shampoo "Egg" are absolutely safe and have the appropriate certificates, including ECOCERT and Organic.

164.00 UAH
250 ml / 270 г

Keratin hydrolysate strengthens the hair rod, effectively restoring the damaged areas along the entire length; it prevents delamination of the hair ends and prevents it from breakage. The hair becomes strong, supple, and shiny.

The verbena essential oil fights infections and inflammation of the scalp, quickly revitalizes hair, giving it a beautiful look. It also helps to get rid of dandruff and stimulates hair growth and regeneration.

Betaine, derived from natural sugar beet juice, helps to condition the scalp, eliminates the inflammation and deeply moisturizes the hair and scalp.

Wheat proteins fill porous or damaged areas of the hair shaft and strengthen split ends.

The shampoo contains no harsh surfactants (detergents, foaming agents) such as SLS and the SLES, which can cause irritation of the scalp, hair loss, and dandruff. SLS and SLES change the acid-base balance of the scalp, significantly increasing pH, which leads to dryness.

The shampoo contains no silicones, such as Cyclomethicone, Dimethicone, which create a film on the hair surface, providing breathing and nutrition for hair and scalp. The result of using shampoo with the synthetic surfactant is the depletion of the hair follicles, hair loss, hair brittleness and dullness.

The plants for the extracts are grown in accordance with organic farming (without chemical fertilizers and pesticides; "Organic" certified) or in the wild in ecologically clean regions. 

The shampoo contains no artificial coloring or flavoring agents, which are fairly harmful to health and can cause allergies.

Instead flavors we use natural essential oils that contain the nutrients, needed to nourish and moisturize the hair and scalp.

We use a food preservative Optiphen BD (benzyl alcohol based) that has ECOCERT certificate. This preservative is allowed in the production of organic cosmetics.

Apply the shampoo on washed hair, make the foam massage motions, and then rinse well with water. Repeat if necessary.