Cleanser Muss series «Seaweed»

The unique feeling of the gentle touch of nature!

What do you need to keep your skin fresh, young and healthy? The most important rule — the skin must be carefully and accurately cleaned. Are you sure that after cleansing with cosmetics their chemical components does not remain on your skin and can later be harmful to its health? In addition, the skin is contaminated by carbon monoxide, dust, and toxins, which daily collect on the skin surface. Add makeup to everything else — and we will be having a whole another layer of substances covering our skin by the end of the day. Ask yourself whether it is healthy for the skin? 

White Mandarin offers cleansing that is guaranteed safe for your skin — gentle cleanser muss "Seaweed". It was designed as a cleanser to gently remove dirt and makeup while maintaining the skin natural hydration. We provide a reliable guarantee of maximum efficiency and safety of our cosmetics. Parts of imported components of the muss are certified ECOCERT or Organic; other ingredients are wild plants and natural oils. Using our muss, you can be sure that each component will only be beneficial for your skin.

As you know, the usual products for skin cleansing — soaps and washing gels — have high detergent activity and can remove almost all of the oil from the skin, break its lipid barrier. The result is a dryness, peeling, and dehydration — the skin does not have time to recover.

How White Mandarin muss maintains skin hydration? Read below about the muss components, so you will understand why this cosmetic are the best way to care for your skin.

187.00 UAH
160 ml / 210 г

Algae extract fantastically moisturizes the skin, effectively restores its natural elasticity and ability to retain moisture. It increases blood microcirculation, improves skin tone, and tightens facial contours. What does it mean? The skin naturally rejuvenates, becomes attractive and healthy.

Cornflower extract gently cleanses the skin, especially around the eyes, without damaging the eyelashes. Effectively removes even waterproof makeup, eyelid swollenness, and tiredness; glitter and shine return to the eyes.

Witch hazel extract reliably eliminates inflammation, soothes the skin, improves blood microcirculation, normalizes the function of sebaceous glands and the acidity of the skin, moisturizes, softens and whitens it. As a result, the color and texture of the skin are much improved; it is amazingly transformed and becomes beautiful.

Soap root extract, due to its ability to lather and antibacterial composition, not only cleanses the skin but also rejuvenates it. Facilitating cells breathing, it gives skin a delicious silky freshness and improves its color.

White Mandarin cleansing muss has no hard surfactants (detergents, foaming agents) such as SLS and the SLES, which may cause dryness, peeling and skin dehydration, and as a result — premature aging.

Muss detergent base is a soft surfactant based on natural oils, sugar, and corn. Our surfactants, oil-based and consisting of vegetable fat-containing substances, carefully remove excessive oil and dirt from the skin, without causing it harm.

Plants extracts are grown in accordance with organic farming (without chemical fertilizers and pesticides; "Organic" certified) or in the wild in ecologically clean regions.

White Mandarin cleansing muss has no artificial coloring and flavoring agents, which are quite toxic and can cause allergies.

Instead flavors we use natural essential oils, which are full of nutrients needed to nourish and moisturize the skin.

We use food preservative Optiphen BD (benzyl alcohol based) that is ECOCERT certified and permitted in the production of organic cosmetics.

Squeeze a small amount of muss foam, pressing the pump on the bottle. Apply on face with light massage motions, and then rinse with water. Use in the morning and in the evening.

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