Body Peeling Scrub series «Saki Clay»

Elasticity and skin rejuvenation

Due to the high content of peach oil (41%), peeling scrub penetrates deep into the lower layers of the epithelium, nourishing and restoring skin moisture balance. The skin acquires the ability to retain moisture. High activity of wild medicinal herbs improves lymphatic drainage and nutrition of skin cells. As a result, the skin becomes healthier and looks younger.

The combination of wild herbs and natural oils results in better assimilation of fat-soluble antioxidant — vitamins A and E, which activate in the epidermis the production of collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid, which increases the skin firmness and elasticity.

253.00 UAH
300 ml / 300 г

Saky Lake salt contains microelements in high concentrations. It has a beneficial effect on the intracellular processes, normalizing them and rejuvenating the body. It removes dead skin cells and gives the skin a healthy and fresh look.

Sage refreshes, softens, disinfects the skin and prolongs its youth, smooths wrinkles. It also normalizes the sebaceous glands function.

Geranium oil has anti-cellulite properties. It activates the metabolism, strengthens local immunity; well cleanses and makes the skin more elastic.

The peeling scrub does not contain synthetic oils that cause the dehydration and early aging of the skin.

The peeling scrub base consists of natural oils of peach and grape seeds, which soften and nourish the skin, improve its elasticity and smooth terrain.

The peeling scrub contains no artificial coloring or flavoring agents, which are fairly harmful to health and can cause allergies.

Instead flavors we use natural essential oils, due to which the active substances penetrate deep into the skin, improving blood and lymph circulation. The skin becomes smooth and elastic.

We use a food preservative Optiphen BD (benzyl alcohol based) that has an ECOCERT certificate. This preservative is allowed in the production of organic cosmetics.

With massage motions apply a small amount of scrub on wet skin, and then rinse with lots of water without using soap.

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