Body Lotion series «Citrus»

The smooth and elastic skin

In the grapefruit and orange essential oils are contained large amounts of powerful natural antioxidant, vitamins C and E, which are involved in the development of two types of important for skin fibers — elastin and collagen. With these components, body lotion protects the skin from moisture loss and aging and thus helps the skin stay elastic and young.

Lotion cream base is easily absorbed into the skin, as it is made from natural oils: mango, rice bran, and sesame. Lotion accelerates the process of regeneration of the upper layers of the skin and helps retain moisture.

154.00 UAH
250 ml / 250 г

Rice bran oil activates lipid metabolism and restores the barrier function of the epidermis and retains moisture in the skin. Perfectly restores dry, dehydrated, suffering from a lack of nutrition skin. The skin is regenerating, elasticity increases.

Rice proteins activate the production of collagen and elastin, strengthen, soften and moisturize the skin. With regular use sagginess eliminates, the skin becomes elastic and much healthier. Proteins provide normalization of metabolism, skin appearance becomes taut and glowing.

Silk proteins are easily absorbed into the skin, have excellent moisturizing properties, and protect the skin from aggressive environmental factors.

Our body lotion contains no petrochemicals and chemical emulsifiers, such as Mineral Oil, Propylene Glycol, PPG, PEG, leading to dehydration and early aging of the skin.

We use natural emulsifier Sorbitan Olivate & Glyceryl Olivate, made from olive oil, which restores the lipid layer of the skin.

Plants for extracts are grown in accordance with organic farming (without chemical fertilizers and pesticides; "Organic" certified) or in the wild in ecologically clean regions.

The lotion contains no artificial coloring or flavoring agents, which are fairly toxic and may cause allergic reactions.

Instead flavors we use natural essential oils. The active substances contained in the oils penetrate deeply into the skin, improve blood and lymph circulation. The skin becomes smooth and elastic.

We use food preservative Optiphen BD (benzyl alcohol based), which has ECOCERT certificate. This preservative is allowed in the production of organic cosmetics.

Apply lotion to clean skin and rub it in with light massaging motions until completely absorbed.

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