Baby Body Lotion series «Baby»

Special baby lotion formula perfectly protects the baby's delicate skin from the first days of life. The natural sweet almond oil and sea buckthorn oil deeply moisturize the skin; wheat germ oil and shea butter reliably eliminate irritation.

Lotion cream based on the natural oils (shea butter, sweet almond, sea buckthorn oils and lanolin), which gently care for baby’s skin, are quickly absorbed, effectively soothe and soften the skin and reduce any irritation.

157.00 UAH
200 ml / 220 г

Sea-buckthorn oil, a well-known folk remedy, soothes the delicate baby’s skin and protects it from redness and maceration.

Sweet almond oil provides deep nourishment and restores the skin natural protective barrier.

Lanolin (natural fat from olive oil and shea butter) maintains a constant level of moisture of the skin and at the same time forms invisible film on the skin surface, protecting it from excessive dryness.

Baby body lotion contains no petrochemicals and chemical emulsifiers, such as Mineral Oil, Propylene Glycol, PPG, PEG, which causes dehydration and disruption of skin respiration, and, as a consequence, the lack of oxygen in the blood.

We use natural emulsifier Sorbitan Olivate & Glyceryl Olivate, made from olive oil, which restores the lipid barrier of the skin.

Lanolin, which we use, is derived from natural vegetable oils and has an "ECO" certificate, unlike lanolin, derived from sheep wool, which is almost always contaminated at the cellular level with DDT pesticides.

The lotion contains no artificial dyes or flavors, which are fairly toxic and may cause an allergic child.

We use a food preservative Optiphen BD (benzyl alcohol based), which has ECOCERT certificate. This preservative is allowed in the production of organic cosmetics.

Apply the lotion on your hand, give it a little time to warm up, and then spread on the child's skin with light rubbing motions until lotion is completely absorbed. To wipe the tight areas on the baby’s body with the lotion you can use cotton discs.

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