About company

«White Mandarin» — it’s a new natural cosmetics trademark of company «CHOICE», Ukrainian manufacturer of products for a healthy diet and preventive phyto-complexes.

From 2004 our company has been contributing to the maintenance and strengthens people’s health, offering exclusive products on the basis of sprouted cereal grains.

Over the years, we have had convinced of a huge potential and effectivity of natural components in health preservation and recovery, as opposed to chemical agents that, along with temporary positive effect, in most cases have a negative influence on health, having a toxic effect on the human body. Chemicals can provoke allergy, habituation or addiction, and their impact can be quite the opposite of what you expect.

«White Mandarin» brand is the cosmetics produced exceptionally from natural components. There are no chemical ingredients, dangerous for skin, hair and overall human`s health in its formula.

Development and production of natural cosmetics in Ukraine with the usage of Ukrainian ecologically pure materials allowed us offering the safe and effective natural cosmetics for a moderate price.

 «White Mandarin» cosmetics special appeal is the product line based on sprouted cereal grains: wheat, oats, corn, barley. The sprouted grains can deal with almost all problems related to the health of your skin and hair, and preservation of your beauty and youth. That’s why nowadays it is extremely thoughtless to relinquish nature gifts in favor of chemical cosmetics, which only trying to reproduce those endowments.

«White Mandarin» cosmetics for skin, body, and hair care do not contain harmful components derived from petroleum, as well as chemical dyes and preservative agents. At the same time, its formula consists of a lot of active components: natural oils, infusions and plants extracts with a high content of vitamins, antioxidants, and nutrients.

 «White Mandarin» natural cosmetics reveal your unique beauty!